Monday, January 11, 2010

The Lives of Christophe Chant by Diana Wynne Jones

The Chronicles of Chrestomanci #2

Summary: Christopher Chant has a pretty miserable childhood. His parents spend little time with him, and barely even with each other. His days pass drearily with dull governesses and orders from the servants, but at night, he is able to escape. In his sleep, Christopher is able to travel to other worlds, including one where he meets a girl who is believed to be the living incarnation of a goddess. This ability attracts his uncle Ralph who, with the help of a friend, requests that he brings back things from these other worlds. But when Christopher goes to develop his magic at Chrestomanci Castle, he soon realized that his kindly uncle may possibly be the mastermind in charge of a dangerous gang who had been behind thefts and even murder on these other worlds - and that Christopher may have unwittingly helped him all along. Soon, Christopher, with the help of the goddess, her cat, and a few other friends, must put a stop to uncle Ralph once and for all.

Assessment: This is one of my favorite stories of the Chrestomanci series. It is packed with loads of adventure, intrigue, and humor. I really can't say enough about how terrific Jones is. For the older set, you already know, but for those who have just started with Rowling, you will love her books - they have all you love in the Potter books.

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